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This is the private weblog of Marius Coomans. My wife, Joy and I are the proud owners of Te Moana, a Lagoon 380 Catamaran (hull #153). This Picture was taken at the July 2002 Sydney Boatshow, just before we took delivery of her.
Most of the time we sail around Pittwater and Broken Bay (that's just north of Sydney in Australia). Occasionally you'll find us sailing a bit further afield to explore the East Coast of Australia. I hope to regularly post our sailing experiences with Te Moana. Expect nothing highly adventurous - most of the time we sail only on weekends. We belong to the RPAYC cruising division and you'll see us report on their cruises occasionally. At the same time I'm keen on my Canon Powershot G2 camera, so expect lots of pictures.



Our 410S2 is called Manaia Moana.
Hull No 121 we are going to charter her out for 4 years before moving aboard for some bluewater cruising.
She is leaving the UK for Turkey (to start work there )next week.