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Troy the Eel

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IMG_6105 Personally speaking, I don't care much about ball sports, particularly artificial , media manipulated gladiator sports like Rugby League. However our son Troy was wrapped in it. He would be stoked to know that his favourite team, the Eels is in the Grand Final today.

We're on Te Moana at Akuna Bay with a bunch of cruising friends. The Marina has offered the use of their meeting room, including television to watch the Rugby League Grand Final. This year, Joy and I will be watching it, decked out with some of Troy's "accessories".

Troy had his day with the Eels at a practice session, soon after he was diagnosed, thanks to the Parramatta Leagues Club and sister-in-law Mel's initiative. Picture(s) below.


Morning at Coasters Retreat

DSC04462 Mornings and nights are special on a boat. The atmosphere becomes reflective and a little mysterious. It's not easy to capture with a photo - although I've tried many times.

Chris Stevens (Crystal) just sent me this photo of Te Moana at Coal & Candle Creek, taken at dusk one day over the recent long weekend. Really special, thanks, Chris.


We went on our pilgrimege to Coo today and failed in our attempt to purchase a replacement for the souvenir tile which we bought here in 1988. Apart from the expected pictures in the album, we captured a few signs...


Te Moana at Blackwattle Bay

Easter weekend on Sydney Harbour was very enjoyable indeed. 

Trying out the new camera on another Sunrise. Still in Blackwattle Bay.


We woke this morning to the sounds of the city. The drone of cars across the Anzac bridge.  Not like the peace of Cowan Creek in our “home territory”. Not idyllic, but a change is as good as a holiday. Joy has gone shopping to celebrate…


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