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We've been snug on the Southport marina on the Gold Coast since Monday, so the poor weather this week hasn't bothered us. We now expect to take the "back road" behind Stradbroke Island, across Moreton Bay to Mooloolaba - departing Friday and getting there on Sunday.

We've been spending our time here doing all the little jobs on the boat which by rights we should have done before we left and taking a breather from the inevitable anxiety over whether “we turned off the gas”. As you can see on the photo above, Te Moana is ready to sail again.

Craig (who ‘delivered’ Joy and Jake to the boat) left today on his way home (via Broken Hill or somewhere). Bon Voyage Craig.

Troy the Eel

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IMG_6105 Personally speaking, I don't care much about ball sports, particularly artificial , media manipulated gladiator sports like Rugby League. However our son Troy was wrapped in it. He would be stoked to know that his favourite team, the Eels is in the Grand Final today.

We're on Te Moana at Akuna Bay with a bunch of cruising friends. The Marina has offered the use of their meeting room, including television to watch the Rugby League Grand Final. This year, Joy and I will be watching it, decked out with some of Troy's "accessories".

Troy had his day with the Eels at a practice session, soon after he was diagnosed, thanks to the Parramatta Leagues Club and sister-in-law Mel's initiative. Picture(s) below.

A Birthday

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We're celebrating Joy's birthday this morning. Another milestone!

We're moving from Newcastle Harbour to Lake Macquarie this afternoon, back home on Wednesday.

P3251028-1 We’ve had the distinct and great pleasure to entertain Skip and Liz for a few days this week. Today we took them for a little sail around Lion Island. Great crew!


We woke early this morning. The wind had gently turned west and we were too close to a moored boat. So at first light we set off to Broulee Island, our next stop. We have no definite plans for the next few days and hope to roam around a few places before heading back home towards the weekend.  [ and Dawn..., why don't you come over for a sail some time? ]

New Years morning at Greenwell Point We greeted the New Year by watching the sun rise on the new year like we usually do. It was a particularly pretty sunrise, here at Greenwell Point.

We celebrated with a big breakfast and some Australian Champagne and orange juice and reflected on the past and the future.

We'd like to wish all the best for the new year to all our friends and our hearts in particular go out to Willem and Yvonne.

A toast to 2009

Oh, and yes, we don't normally drink wine from beer glasses, but it's all we had and it adds a touch of Holland to drink out of a Grolsch glass...

The last of 2007

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It's been quite a year. We're in Hardys Bay, seeing the year out. Goodbye 2007.


The sun will come up again as normal tomorrow, reminding us to take life one day at the time.


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