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We enjoyed traveling North from Southport "behind" Stradbroke Island.


After receiving encouraging reports from others on the "Beyond Barrenjoey" mailing list, we decided to take the Canaipa Passage rather than the Main Passage. We were very pleased with the well marked track, only dropping a touch below 2.0 meters on a couple of occasions. We also received some excellent local advice from VMR Jacobs Well and bypassed the Jumpinpin area by using Whalleys Gutter and Mackenzie Channel. Beacon to Beacon is definitely a must-have here. A screendump from our chart plotter is reproduced below.

Leaving Monday

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We have decided to let the sea settle down a bit after yesterday's weather and have postponed our departure until tomorrow morning.

Christmas Cruise

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This weekend, we're off to Lake Macquarie. If you're interested in finding out where we are, check out the "Where is Te Moana" page.

Christmas Cruise

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As per my previous post, we're taking Te Moana down the coast after Christmas. It looks like we'll have some company along the way from RPAYC friends, which should be fun. Our itinerary can be downloaded here. And for those interested in following along from the comfort of their web browser, you can check our progress on the skipr site's "Where is Te Moana" page.


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