Where is Te Moana?

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We left Southport today and Joy says we’ve really left now :-)

ShortIsland We’re taking our time going “on the inside” of Stradbroke and Moreton Islands and are currently anchored at Short Island, our first stop and expect to get to Mooloolaba on Sunday.

That is six days later than originally planned, but this was never going to be a “planned cruise” in the sense of needing to be anywhere on a certain date.

If you would like to keep up with where we are and what we’re doing, here are a bunch of ways to do so:


  • Skipr.net – We’ll post our position daily and more often on interesting/important passages.
  • Te Moana blog – that’s where we post pictures and stories
  • The Planet Skipr mailing list – Te Moana is one of the boats featured on the list (effectively, blog posts are emailed at most once a day).
  • Twitter – Hey, we’re 21st century dudes.
  • Te Moana SailPlan – an online spreadsheet which we use to plan our cruise – usually not more than a few days ahead (typically no further ahead than the weather forecast)

Links to these items also appear on the front page of the Te Moana blog (centre column)

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