From big to beautiful

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Gladstone Bulk Carriers Entering Gladstone makes you feel like a big boat. You’re expected to notify Harbour Control of your entry on VHF channel 13. There are a 10 or so bulk carriers waiting outside for a berth and another 10 or so being loaded inside. Not exactly Rotterdam, but lively and industrial looking nevertheless. For us it’s a novelty, we’re here just to stay overnight and as a logical stop.


CurtisIsland We’re waiting for the right time and tide to navigate The Narrows behind Curtis Island on our way North. This passage can only be attempted at high tide, as the middle section at Cattle Crossing falls dry at low tide.

We’re really enjoying our inshore travels this trip and the Narrows didn’t disappoint. Water like a mirror and sun to burn off the early morning mist. 

While the Narrows has a bit of a reputation among keel boat sailors, it is well documented an well marked. I’ve also been pleased with C-Map on our chart plotter. It’s generally been up to date and accurate for inland waterways, even where the standard Hydro Office maps don’t provide coverage.


And than to emerge at the other end into the Coral Sea. Bliss.

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