Dawn off Yamba

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The start of a new day at sea. We’re just 10 NM South East of Yamba. The wind is still from the South at around 12-15 Knots. We just put up the screecher and let the wind carry us again.

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What happened with the boom? Your viewers back home want warts and all you know.


Happy to give a more explicit account here and/or on the BB list when we reach Southport and I have a bit more time to write down the sequence of events. The blog item was more a diary note rather than a post-mortem.

Forget about the boom Marius, get a V8, in fact get two, one for each hull, you won't have to tack and you will get there much quicker. It will be BLOODY exciting. It will relieve Joy from musculing the winches, but she will need to continuously wipe spray off your spectacles!!

Trevor, I think we will continue to expend hot air, rather than hot exhausts.
BTW, I'm impressed with the kiwi ingenuity displayed by the engineer repairing the part [sucking up mercilessly to brother-in-law].

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