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Garrys Anchorage

Yesterday we had a long but easy motor-sailing day from Mooloolaba, leaving at 0400. We crossed Wide Bay bar, which was looking flat and un-threatening (not as much fun as last time) and arrived at Garrys Anchorage behind Fraser Island in late afternoon.

This morning we awoke to a glorious morning. We briefly turned on the radio and breakfast television, but decided that the world was a better place when undisturbed by politics and argy bargy.

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Hi Marius,
Glad to see you and Te Moana are still roaming the oceans, and not as shy as you once were as there are actually photos of you now.

It must have been a good while since I checked in and I see you have been travelling far and wide-you've been to Europe! Great photos! Which was your favourite place in Europe? (My wife and I have a soft spot for Prague.) I see you came to England! Did you venture up North? Next time, have a look at at my home city, Ripon (all 15,000 of us) and come and have a coffee!
Take care!


Good to hear from you again! Our favourite spot on our Euro holiday last year was Delft, but then, I lived nearby for the first 20 years of my life...
The UK part of our holiday was short (Oxford and the Cotwolds). We'll be sure you keep you in mind next time! On the other hand if you get to Sydney, come for a sail!

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