The Real Singapore?

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Peranakan Inn Singapore presents itself as a proud, modern city. A city which at first glance is comfortable with its rich multi-cultural heritage. But after a while, you feel something is missing.

Singapore is very proud of its success, but doesn’t seem to care much about its past. This visit, Joy and I enjoyed walking around Katong, where our hotel is located. It feels more like Asia than the tower flats and the high rise office towers. Small shops, carrying out business on the footpath and a wonderful variety of food in shops and restaurants.

For dinner last night, we sought out Peranakan food, a mixture of Chinese and Malay cuisine, which is as close as you’ll get when looking for the real Singapore.

Joy has gone to prison (Changi), while I’m making the most of my 24hrs internet access. We’ll re-visit China Town this afternoon and then bunker down in the Qantas Club to wait for our 11.00 pm flight to Frankfurt.

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