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IMG_0756 No one could possibly visit the Netherlands at this time of the year without seeing “het Keukenhof”. We certainly did not regret making it part of our holiday. The flowers are stunning, the way they are laid out in the park is imaginative and varied. What a great job. I couldn’t imagine a better way of showing off the Dutch national flower. More photos in our holiday album.


We went on our pilgrimege to Coo today and failed in our attempt to purchase a replacement for the souvenir tile which we bought here in 1988. Apart from the expected pictures in the album, we captured a few signs...


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We’re lucky enough to be here during the height of the tulip season. The annual flower parade (bloemencorso) was yesterday  and we were predictably stunned at the colour and variety of flowers, even before we left the Hillegom station. I took mostly video with my camera and will upload some when I work out the best way to do so.


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P4251064 We have settled in to our apartment in Delft, where we’ll be until we go to Berlin, next Monday (4th May). We’re very happy with our choice of Delft as our base. It’s quite a historic place, but very much alive. Lots of students  around, because of the Technische Hogeschool (Institute of Technology). A lovely mix.

This afternoon, we’re going by train to Hillegom to see the flower parade (bloemencorso). The weather is excellent, sunny, although a little cool by our standard. It’s all looking good!

Peranakan Inn Singapore presents itself as a proud, modern city. A city which at first glance is comfortable with its rich multi-cultural heritage. But after a while, you feel something is missing.

Singapore is very proud of its success, but doesn’t seem to care much about its past. This visit, Joy and I enjoyed walking around Katong, where our hotel is located. It feels more like Asia than the tower flats and the high rise office towers. Small shops, carrying out business on the footpath and a wonderful variety of food in shops and restaurants.

For dinner last night, we sought out Peranakan food, a mixture of Chinese and Malay cuisine, which is as close as you’ll get when looking for the real Singapore.

Joy has gone to prison (Changi), while I’m making the most of my 24hrs internet access. We’ll re-visit China Town this afternoon and then bunker down in the Qantas Club to wait for our 11.00 pm flight to Frankfurt.

We arrived in Singapore after dark yesterday, but Joy insisted on seeing it from the air in daylight, so...


We did the proper "tourist thing" by taking the cable car to Sentosa Island. More photos in our holiday album.

At the moment, we're giving our feet a break. Tomorrow morning I'll be strong by not buying photographic accessories in China Town, just like Joy has been strong not buying clothes and souvenirs.

Joy and I are about exchange the Lagoon 380 for an Airbus 380. Tomorrow, we take off for a one month European holiday. We apologise in advance to those expecting marine adventures here. For the coming month we'll chronicle our air/ground travel instead. And as you'd expect, we'll tweet regularly and use the TomTom to update "Where are Joy and Marius"


Te Moana at Blackwattle Bay

Easter weekend on Sydney Harbour was very enjoyable indeed. 

Trying out the new camera on another Sunrise. Still in Blackwattle Bay.


We woke this morning to the sounds of the city. The drone of cars across the Anzac bridge.  Not like the peace of Cowan Creek in our “home territory”. Not idyllic, but a change is as good as a holiday. Joy has gone shopping to celebrate…

IMG_0079-1 We sailed down to Sydney Harbour today and will stay there for Easter. Our Alfreds Cruising friends will join us on Friday and it should be a good weekend.

The sun set behind the bridge as we came up the Harbour, it's a pretty special place. We're now at anchor on Blackwattle Bay.


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