Good Morning 2009

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New Years morning at Greenwell Point We greeted the New Year by watching the sun rise on the new year like we usually do. It was a particularly pretty sunrise, here at Greenwell Point.

We celebrated with a big breakfast and some Australian Champagne and orange juice and reflected on the past and the future.

We'd like to wish all the best for the new year to all our friends and our hearts in particular go out to Willem and Yvonne.

A toast to 2009

Oh, and yes, we don't normally drink wine from beer glasses, but it's all we had and it adds a touch of Holland to drink out of a Grolsch glass...

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Op de één of andere manier registreerde Bloglines geen nieuwe entries, dus ik ben ietwat laat...

Het doet mij genoegen je met een Grolsch glas in de hand het nieuwe jaar in te zien gaan.
We wensen jou en je familie een heel mooi, goed en gezond 2009 toe.


Yes, Bloglines has had better days... I've finally started switching to Google Reader. Anyway, always nice to hear from you. And yes, even after 42 years there is still a little bit of Dutch in me.

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