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Greenwell Point

We love Greenwell Point. It's a sleepy old fashioned spot where the Shoalhaven River finds its way out to the sea. We were only going to stay here overnight on our way South.

It looks like we'll have another New Year's eve here...

Aerial Pictures

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CRG_081220_0011 We've long wanted some shots of Te Moana from above. We were spoilt with our previous boat - Watty, which had some great photos taken from a helicopter.

Craig took a series of nice shots of Te Moana this past weekend. Not from a helicopter but from a close equivalent, West Head.  The weather could have been a bit more exciting, but the shots a great! Thanks Craig.

And our plans for Christmas? Leaving around 28th, we're sailing down the South Coast with an ambition to get as far as Batemans Bay, weather willing. As always, you can follow along on Skipr.

Merry Christmas

PB020413 Recently, our house battery was clearly on its last legs, barely lasting a night. Te Moana had two 140 Amp hour (Ah), giving it a total of 280Ah. When I started looking for a replacement, I was taken a back by some of the prices I found for direct replacements (approx A$2000).





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