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Early on Tuesday morning, Breakaway arrived in Mackay after a 7 day, 1000 Nautical Mile "Delivery Cruise".


All five crew agreed that this was one of the best "cruises" they'd been on. And it isn't hard to come up for some reasons for that.

  • Breakaway is a great all round cruising boat. Comfortable, well prepared and just the right boat in a 55+ knot breeze in Stockton Bight.
  • A great crew composed of a top notch skipper, Graeme Fraser and a great mix of old and new friends.
  • Favourable weather all the way made light work of the distance.

Thanks Graeme, Claudia, Maurice and Tim for a great trip!


At 0800 yesterday, we came around Cape Byron. It's always a magic spot.

Having 5 crew on the boat makes sailing non-stop a "breeze". Graeme has proven to be a most amiable and competent skipper and there is much to learn from him.

Breakaway has everything anyone would wish for. The the least of which is very convenient internet access, which makes it easy to update this weblog and "Where is Breakaway" while underway. At the time of writing, we are off Fraser Island, after a night with sporadic rain, but which was otherwise uneventful.

As of 8.00 am today, we've travelled over 500 nautical miles  (900km) in three days and at the current rate we'll arrive in Mackay by Monday. Provided we don't stop over for a couple of days at the Percy Islands, of course...

I had difficulty yesterday in getting a picture which represented the weather conditions on the first day after departure on Breakaway.


The picture above is the best I can do in demonstrating how close an encounter we had with a whale this evening. Just on sunset, near South Solitary Island a whale crossed right in front of our bow. The picture doesn't show the whale but where he had just been...

In case you weren't already underwhelmed by my photographic expertise, be sure to click on the picture for the full size version of the photo.

Breakaway - Newcastle Bight

We departed as per plan at 0700 today. The forecast was for winds reaching up to 40 knots off Newcastle, and they were right. Including the 40% higher warning which accompanies marine weather forecasts nowadays (for a little while it was well above 50 knots).

Breakaway took it in its stride and as the wind was a westerly, the seas were moderate, although Graeme got a bit damp...

The crew is in good spirits and we should continue to make good progress during the night.

1900 hrs - near Seal Rocks. [Where is Breakaway]


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