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Breakaway:  Lake Macquarie - Pittwater  Jan '05

On Tuesday I'm off sailing on Breakaway, helping deliver her to Mackay in North Queensland. While it has only one hull, this Buizen 48 is very well equipped and looked after by its owner, Carr Hordern and I'm looking forward to the experience. We're hoping to do it non-stop, taking 7-10 days depending on conditions.The forecast looks good at this point, with a nice South Westerly breeze to get us going.

I'll keep in touch by writing here as well as keeping a position log on skipr.net

We liked what we saw when we first laid eyes on the Lagoon 380 at the Sydney Boat Show in 2000. It was to be 2 years before we took possession of Te Moana, but I won't bore you with the full story of that here.

While we've been very happy with Vicsail, Lagoon and Te Moana, we can't say the same about Christophe Vanek, the guy who sold us the boat.

Christophe's fate was sealed by a certain event at the start of the 2002 Sydney to Hobart. When last  heard of, he was starting a Beneteau agency somewhere in a desert.


Until now, that is... It looks like he was on board this tri when it broke up the other day.

According to The National:

"We were going full speed and suddenly the boat broke," said Christof Vanek, a member of the crew. "It's very unfortunate."


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