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One of the little tricks of coastal cruising is knowing where the shops are. After a few days it's nice to pick up a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk... On Te Moana, we carry standard street directories so when can navigate on land as well as on the water. So we looked for a directory to cover Vincentia after we arrived there, no luck, of course.

So I clicked on "Map" at the Where is Te Moana page and bingo, Google had a street map of Vincentia for us! By the way, the shops are at the intersection of The Wool Road and Elizabeth Drive.

Crookhaven layday

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Te Moana at Greenwell Point.jpg

Crookhaven is a sleepy liitle place on the way to nowhere (at least for car owners). A few fishing boats, some weekenders at the mouth (or one of the mouths) of the Shoalhaven River. Joy and I enjoy its slow pace and convenient anchoring close to basic shops and one of the world's great fish and chips shops.
Where is Te Moana now?

Seagulls, Fish and Chips

Motor Sailing

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Thursday: We left Port Hacking a little after 0800 on our way to Crookhaven. The morning was spent mostly motor-sailing with what wind there was and we stayed fairly close to Amadeus (pictured) and Reliance.

Amadeus underway to Jervis Bay

When the North Easterly came up around lunchtime, it was time to turn off the engine and by 1500 it was blowing very nicely, thank you. The East Australian current meant that we were shooting along at up to 9 knots. We made an uneventful entrance into Crookhaven and found a nice spot to anchor off Greenwell Point. Amadeus and Reliance went on to Jervis Bay. We expect to move there on Saturday.

Cruise in Company

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We had a maginficent sail down the coast from Pittwater to Port Hacking to start our cruise to the South Coast yesterday. Joy was tied to an appointment ashore and we were joined by Brother Harry, his son Michael as well as Troy. Conditions could not have been better. Easterly 12-17 knots, sunny but cool. HArry was in the driving seat and we sailed all the way. Meanwhile, Harry, Michael and Troy have gone home and we're off further down the coast. Follow along at

Christmas Cruise

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As per my previous post, we're taking Te Moana down the coast after Christmas. It looks like we'll have some company along the way from RPAYC friends, which should be fun. Our itinerary can be downloaded here. And for those interested in following along from the comfort of their web browser, you can check our progress on the skipr site's "Where is Te Moana" page.


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