Introducing: The Lagoon Mailing List

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Over the four years that I've kept this weblog about Te Moana, our Lagoon 380, one of the most satisfying aspects has been the contact with other owners and sailors of Lagoon Catamarans. And occasionally, I have been asked for contacts with others.

So we're setting up a mailing list to allow a convenient exchange of ideas,tips and tricks between Lagooners and perhaps even facilitate meeting up in person or by boat. It will be a "by invitation only" list to stop spammers, but if you have a legitimate interest in Lagoons, simply let us know and I'll subscribe you to the list.

For those in Australia, Joy and I are hoping to meet some of you in person during the Sydney Boat Show (August 3-8 2006).

So if you'd like to join the list or are interested in meeting up during the Sydney Boat Show, drop me a line, leave a comment below or even give me a call!

Marius Coomans
marius at coomans dot net
+61 411 248 617

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Please add me to your list. We have ordered hull #419 and are expecting delivery in t0he spring. Prior boats include a Seawind 100 and F-27. Thanks. Henry

Manaia Moana is happy to join the list,
Regards, Alan Glover.

Please add us to the list.
Regards, Alan

Please add us to your mailing list. Our 380, Lucy is due to be completed in December. Then she will be delivered to the BVI for the winter. After that, who knows. We don't have a web site/blog yet, but we are working on it.

Mike and Carol

I've just purchased a Lagoon 380 this week. Please add me to your list.


Just crewed for 3 months on a Lagoon from Cook Islands-Niue-Tonga-NZ. Best skipper, best voyage, BEST vessel! Please add me to list.

Please add us to your list.
We purchased a Lagoon 440 hull 122 name TARA in juni 2006 in the Netherlands, and are planning for leaving in juli 2007.
A few years in de mediteranee en later for a round world trip.

Best Regards

Erno Straatmann

I am thinking of purchasing a 2002 Lagoon 380 soooooooon. Please add me to your list

All the best
Mike Golan

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