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Over the four years that I've kept this weblog about Te Moana, our Lagoon 380, one of the most satisfying aspects has been the contact with other owners and sailors of Lagoon Catamarans. And occasionally, I have been asked for contacts with others.

So we're setting up a mailing list to allow a convenient exchange of ideas,tips and tricks between Lagooners and perhaps even facilitate meeting up in person or by boat. It will be a "by invitation only" list to stop spammers, but if you have a legitimate interest in Lagoons, simply let us know and I'll subscribe you to the list.

For those in Australia, Joy and I are hoping to meet some of you in person during the Sydney Boat Show (August 3-8 2006).

So if you'd like to join the list or are interested in meeting up during the Sydney Boat Show, drop me a line, leave a comment below or even give me a call!

Marius Coomans
marius at coomans dot net
+61 411 248 617


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The delivery trip of the Lagoon 380 S2 went well. We arrived in Rushcutters Bay on Monday at 0800 after an uneventful trip down the coast. We were welcomed by a pod(?) of whales as we were coming into Sydney Harbour, but I failed to capture them with my camera.


It was terrific to sail with a couple of very experienced sailors, Caju Barbosa (arrived in Australia on a Lagoon 410, sailed single-handed from Brazil) and David Fourie (who is having a stopover in Australia on his way around the world in SV Thula Mama). Not only were they good sailors, but also good company - thanks guys.

So.... what do I think about the new 380? It's basically still the same boat but they've made lots of detailed changes which look to be in response to 380 owners.

My favourites are:

  1. The bench seat at the helm station.
  2. Moving the winch from the mast to the helm station, making it easier to control both main and jib sheets from there.
  3. The bow seats.
  4. The extra instrument space at the wheel (but why have two intrument panels there?).
  5. The even roomier shower.


Enough to be just a little jealous!


I volunteered to help deliver a brand spanking new Lagoon 380 from Soutport to Sydney in time for the Sydney boatshow. I got the call on Thursday, stepped on a plane on Friday morning, and by Friday afternoon was sailing out of the Seaway. As I write this, we're off Coffs Harbour. After some good winds for the first 20 hours, it's a wind-still sunny saturday afternoon. No thrilling pictures, the one above is a shot of sin city: Surfers Paradise taken as we left yesterday.

Oh, and of course, you can follow our progress on Skipr.net



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