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Joy and I were at the Sanctuary Cove boat show yesterday. We've been meaning to come here for quite a few years but there always seemed to be a reason why we couldn't make it. Anyway, we made it this year and Vicsail/Beneteau had a surprise for us, they had a brand spanking new Lagoon 380 S2 on the marina. Drool...


Some think the Lagoons are not the prettiest catamarans around. A good friend of ours (hi Doug) compared it to a Russian Submarine. I think he's only partially right. Its vertical windows make it look less streamlined than most other cats, but they are wonderfully practical and it is a great boat either for just a weekend with friends or to live aboard for an extended period. Anyway, the new series two Lagoon 380 has been fine-tuned to make it even better. For example the large hull windows make it lighter inside the hulls.


The extra winch and more instrument space at the helm station were needed. They look like an afterthought, but prove a practical solution. Overall we were greatly impressed by the boat. Joy and I love our Lagoon 380. It suits our lifestyle and our kind of leisurely cruising (and my 1.94m height). Perhaps we should ask Brendan for a trade-in price on the S2...

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Dad joined us for a motorsail up Cowan Creek and an overnight at Houseboat Bay this weekend. The morning was one of those with a magic dawn. The sun peeked over the ridges of Kuringai Chase and slowly dissolved the mist over the water. I tried, but failed to capture the atmosphere in a photo. Not sure whether any of Dad's photos did either, but at least he has the gift of turning it into a painting if he was so inclined. We were distracted however because, inevitably on a day like today, our thoughts kept returning to the Navigator.


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