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Eoin sent me this photograph of Te Moana, taken at last weekend's 090 cruise. Thanks Eoin!


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Hobart as seen from Mt Wellington

I guess the title of this post should really be "Where is Belage", but that's been done :-). Yes, Belage is in Hobart and as I write this, I'm back in Sydney thinking about our next cruise. It was a great experience for me to join Belage on its cruise to Hobart, many thanks to Peter Style and cruise companions Bruce and Doug. When I get a bit more time, I hope to write a piece about things I learnt. Meanwhile, see if you can spot Belage on this photograph taken from Mount Wellington!

Port Arthur

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Port Arthur convict settlement

We're still in Port Arthur, waiting for a Southerly to change or at least moderate. Yesterday we went ashore and did the "tourist thing", wandering around the ruins of the convict settlement and being reminded of the gruesome history of the place.

Tasman Island cliffs

We just rounded Tasman Island, entering Storm Bay on our way to our desitination today, Port Arthur. The Eastern coastline of Tasmania is very picturesque and occasionally threatening, like these weathered cliffs. They remind you of a time when Tasmania was a prison for the worst of english convicts.

Inevitably our cruise is coming to an end. After Port Arthur, we'll sail into Hobart where I'll get off and Joy will be waiting. That will most likely be on Wednesday, because a strong southerly is coming through tomorrow and we'll stay anchored in the shelter provided by Port Arthur.

The Birds

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shearwaters off Babel Island

To get yesterday's picture of Belage being anchored off Babel Island, I had to row the dinghie ashore and climb a hill which was pockmarked with (tens of ?) thousands of burrows in which the mutton birds roost. They look deserted during the day, but at sunset, they magically congragate and then descend en masse on the island. This morning we pulled up the anchor at 0600 and a mile east of the island the birds were having a meeting. An awsome sight, which transalates only partially into a picture.

Babel Paradise

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Just arrived off Flinders Island after crossing Bass Strait on our way to Hobart on Belage. The crossing was uneventful and took us 30 hours from Eden to Flinders Island. We're anchored off Babel Island, where the only inhabitants are Cape Barren Geese and Mutton Birds. We're the only humans around for miles and miles. And somehow, my mobile internet connection works a treat! Thank you Telstra


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