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Happy New Year

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Capturing pictures of Sydney's fireworks from a boat is a bit of a challenge, so this will have to do!

Happy New Year to all from Sydney. May your course be true and breeze from the right quarter.

Lone Ranger

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The Harbour is getting ready for the New Year's eve fireworks. Amongst the boats already at anchor at Bradleys Head is this modestly sized pleasure cruiser.


We motored over to Rozelle Bay yesterday expecting to meet our cruising friends there. The old Glebe Island bridge is looking much the worse for wear. This car carriying ship looks to be jammed in the western channel, although, in reality, it is tied up right next to it.


You have to wonder why the replacement Anzac bridge was constructed with a 30 meter clearance, supposedly to allow commercial shipping to be able to pass under it. Leaving the old bridge in place like this certainly stops merchant shipping.

Until recently, the bridge had traffic lights but they seem to have been replaced by a sign giving right of way to outbound vessels. And, because Marimtime services is keenly policing the number of boats allowed to anchor in Rozelle Bay, we returned to Lane Cove River where the main cruising group had plenty of room to anchor

Sydney Harbour

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Hazy Harbour We're off to Sydney Harbour this week. It was a pleasant sail down from Pittwater. Not too much traffic in the harbour and we ended up anchoring at the Lane Cove river. Tomorrow, we're expecting the rest of the Alfred's boats and we'll stay here for the New Year's celebrations on the Harbour. It's been a very hot, hazy, oppressive kind of day. Four million Sydney-siders waiting for the cool southerly change.

Internet at sea

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Because we spend a lot of time on Te Moana, and my life depends on email and web access,(well...) I have experimented with a few services over the past few years. With common access to wireless hotspots on marinas and the latest high speed mobile internet services it has now become quite practical to get online from wherever you are. Here are some further details:


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