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Sunrise 2005

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This year, again we joined a Prince Alfred cruise for the holidays. The destination was Lake Macquarie, 5 hours sailing north of Broken Bay. We left the club on December 30 to celebrate New Year's eve at a the "Blue Swimmer", a restaurant attached to the Gwandalan Bowling club.

New Year's morning at Lake Macquarie

On a visit to Japan ten years ago, Joy and I experienced their custom of celebrating New Year by rising early on the first of January to watch the first rays of the sun introduce the new year.

We are not party-animals so, again this year, after a very nice dinner with our fellow cruise companions we didn't wait until midnight to see out the old year. And we rose with the sun to have a glass of champagne and reflect on what the new year might bring. I love sunrise and the first one of the year is always special.

All in all, we spent 10 days pottering around Lake Macquarie. It's terrific: grassy shores, lots of public jetties, barbeques and conveniently located shops and restaurants. The sailing is good with flat water and predictable wind. There are some shallow spots but they are easy to avoid by observant sailors. Mind you, they say there are two groups of sailors on Lake Macquarie, those who have run aground and those who haven't yet run aground. Needless to say, we moved from one group to another (nothing serious, we spent some time anchored by our mini-keels at "the drop-off", no harm done).


Along the way we enjoyed having some visitors on Te Moana. Craig and Mel joined us for a day and it was terrific to see very good friend, Andy again. He joined us for an afternoon with his wife, Jilly. Andy hasn't changed much, he still provokes me into heated argument. I'll have to learn to ignore him while we're sailing, though. I almost made a dramatic mistake because I wasn't paying enough attention to "buoyage". No matter how casual and relaxing a sail might appear, total calamity might only be moments away.

Breakaway speeding along

Gradually, most of the other boats returned to Pittwater and last Sunday, we were with the last group of boats (Breakaway, Misty Blue and Southern Cross) to make our way back. With a forecast S-SE wind at 15-20 knots, I thought we might have an uncomfortable trip, but the wind was East enough for us to only have to tack once. We left the twin Volvos humming along to make sure Breakaway didn't get too far ahead of us and we had a quick and reasonably comfortable trip back.

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