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Another lesson learnt

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I'm still recovering from our Queensland cruise. While we had a largely trouble-free time, on our return from Mooloolaba, we struck a problem at Trial Bay. A southerly with gusts over 40 knots came in around midnight. While we had expected the change, it was uncomfortable and we decided to pull into Trial Bay to let it blow over.

Unfortunately, while we were setting the anchor, a gust of wind combined with the swell proved too much for the anchor winch. The gears stripped and we put out 60 meters of chain in water 2 meters deep. Sigh... A couple of hours later, as the weather settled down, we manually retrieved the anchor and had a further trouble free (motor) sail home to Pittwater.

However, the anchor winch needed repair, so I took it out of the boat and had someone look at it. They pulled it apart and confirmed that the gearbox had failed. Unfortunately, the quote for a repair kit was $1900 plus shipping from France, which I politely declined. I'm fitting a new Australian made Muir winch for the around same money instead.

Lesson learnt: When setting the anchor, don't allow the anchor winch to do all the work. I'll be fitting a chain stopper as well as the new winch.


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