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Jake in the Box

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Jake in the Box.jpg

We've arrived in Mooloolaba and are preparing to return home to Sydney. Joy will fly home from here tomorrow (tuesday) and I'll sail the boat back with the help of some friends. It's been a fabulous cruise and it has gone way too fast like good holidays do. However, something tells me that Jake, our canine companion is ready to go home. I re-assembled his travel cage for the flight home tomorrow and he immediate took up residence, ready to go...

Rosslyn Bay to Bundaberg

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So today, mostly pictures of some of the places we've been to over the past 5 days.

Joy securing the anchor while leaving Pacific Creek

Pacific Creek is at the beginning of the Narrows, a shallow waterway separating Curtis Island froom the mainland.

Cattle Crossing where the Narrows dries to 2 meters above low water

Cattle cross at low tide near the shallowest part in the Narrows.

The entrance to Lady Musgrave Island, a Coral reef 35 NM off the coast near Bundaberg

Contrasting with the Narrows was our visit to Lady Musgrave, 35 Nautical Miles off the coast near Bundaberg. It is an enclosed reef with just a small entrance indicated by port and starboard markers.

Boats at anchor inside the reef at Lady Musgrave

Once inside, it proved to be a wonderful anchorage. Clear water, wonderful snorkeling. Magic...

Dolphins playing ahead of Te Moana

And on our way to Bundagerg, I finally managed to capture a dolphin out of the water...

Rosslyn Bay

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Rosslyn Bay

The past few days we've spent at Rosslyn Bay, probably the marina we've enjoyed best on the trip. The nearest town is Yeppoon, the best known closest centre is Rockhampton.

Tomorrow we sail for Pacific Creek, the start of the Narrows, which will get us to Gladstone the day after.

In defense of nature

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Te Moana at anchor at PearlBay

You can categorize most of the places we've been to as:

  • Developed (look for Jetskis and Caravans)
  • Being developed (planted Palms and real estate signs)
  • National Park (picnic tables and signs telling you what [not] to do

But we've just again passed through an area which is none of the above. With beautiful places like Port Clinton, Pearl Bay and Island Head Creek, looking just like they would have done 20,000 years ago. No picnic tables or signs. Unspoiled beaches and bush. And why is it so? They are in the Australian Army's Shoalwater Bay training area.

Going Home

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Te Moana heading South

We've reached our furthest point North and are now officially on our way home. We skipped lots of places on the way up which we hope to visit on our way back South. We expect to be back in Sydney on October 1.More when when get back to Rosslyn Bay...

Additional Crew

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We needed some additional crew for our sail to Keswick Island, so some assistance flew out from Sydney. Terrific couple of days.


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