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In answer to Holly: we're very happy with Te Moana and I don't think we would buy any other catamaran if we were buying today. The options we would order with a new boat also would not be radically different. But here are a few thoughts:

We should have gotten the additional water tank, the extra 300 litres comes in handy when on a cruise. The additional weight is not much of an issue in a boat that's already 7 tons.

We have been frugal and have avoided fitting lots of electronic gadgets. We have the basics, UHF radio, fridge, FM Radio/CD player, GPS (1 fixed, one portable spare), autopilot (would not want to be without), log/wind instruments. I use my laptop with Plotter software when we're on longer cruises.

We have no air conditioning, heating, freezer and have no need for a generator to power them. We are just about to buy a small portable freezer for our cruise north later this year.

Thanks to our power frugality, we last for 2 - 3 days at anchor without re-charging the batteries (280 Ah house battery, religiously never discharged below 60%). I fitted a battery monitor with a % capaciy readout to make sure).

We purchased the bowsprit option with Te Moana, so we could deploy a spinnaker if necessary. However we bought a furling screecher (oversize unstayed genoa) instead which also deploys from the bowsprit. That comes in handy in light winds. Because the Lagoon is underpowered in light winds.

I've been very happy with the Volvo 2030 engines. Plenty of power and I would never want a cat with one engine again (except when it comes to paying to have two engines serviced...).

Obviously the "owner" version suits us better than the charter version. The en-suite shower is heaven to use, I'm 6"4 and can stand up and have a hot shower!


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