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No sailing this past weekend with pretty wet and dreary weather. I spent Saturday fitting horizontal fenders along our marina berth. The main trigger for fitting them was to protect the boat in high winds when Pittwater gets very choppy.

Conventional fenders hanging from the boat seem to "pop out" onto the marina under those conditions. And of course it means that we can come into our berth without hanging the fenders.

One skill which I've acquired since we took delivery of Te Moana last year is splicing ropes. I enjoyed doing all sixteen splices for the four fenders. A really satisfying craft.

Now I'll have to find some other project which requires splicing

Spinlock problem

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After a month in the USA, they're letting me back into Australia, just in time for a relaxing weekend with the cruising division. First to Maitland Bay and then overnight at Hungry Beach. I'm looking forward to it.
Last time we had a sail though, there was a problem with the rope clutch on the main halyard, the halyard creeps back. This means I can't tension the luff of the main properly - painful. I'm not sure of the reason, but it sounds like I need to pull the Spinlock assembly apart to have a look.
Anyone experience this before?


[update 15 May 2004] Fixed! I had Mario Ruel have a look at it. The rope had a flat spot where it always gets clamped off. He thickened the rope around the area with an insert. It works beautifully now.


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