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Hardy's Bay

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While Saturday was a blustery winter's day, Sunday turned out very nice indeed. We stayed overnight on one of the public moorings in Hardy's Bay and went for a walk over to Killcare on Sunday.


When we had our place at Wagstaff, I always loved the view coming down the hill into Hardy's Bay. It represents "coming home", even now.

House boats

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We had an easy weekend on Te Moana. We stayed at the Marina on Saturday night and went for a quiet motor around Pittwater's Southern bays on Sunday morning. Beautiful homes and lots of boats. The above "boat" which we saw in McCarr's creek, deserves the title "Houseboat" us much as anything I've seen on the water.

Up The Mast

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I had a great weekend with Craig and his partner. Great sail, beautiful (but chilly)overnight stay near Bobbin Head and... I finally got to find out how the lazyjacks are attached to the mast. I want to add a lazy jack adjustment which will involve adding some blocks. At least now I have some idea about the next step in that project.

On their way

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AnnCarr1539.JPG Breakaway1541.JPG
Anyone on Australia's Eastern seaboard with a boat probably has the ambition to sail to the Whitsundays. Breakaway is on its way their now. We'll miss Ann and Carr while they are up north.


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