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On the Marina at last!

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After being on a club swing mooring since we we took delivery of Te Moana last August, we've finally been allocated a spot on "B" arm at RPAYC. Hooray!! By the way, if this picture looks a little drab and grey, that's because the weekend was rather wet, drab and grey.

Easter weather

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Well... the weather forecasters were right, it rained most of the weekend.

Nevertheless, we had a very relaxing weekend. We spent most of the weekend in Smith's Ceek and spent Sunday travelling up Cowan Creeek to Bobbin Head, where we found lots of new potential anchoring spots for another time! It makes you realise how lucky we are with so many picturesque spots to visit.

I put some more pictures on my fotolog

Easter weekend

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Bummer, our Easter trip to Newcastle and Lake Macquarie with our cruising friends from the RPAYC has been cancelled due to unsuitable conditions. The Lord Howe Island cruise has also been cancelled. We'll have to find somewhere else to go in keeping with the weather. Smith's Creek has been rumoured as an alternative destination.


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While there is still a sense of disappointment about the Americas Cup in Auckland, evidence of the race remains... There are still some super yachts at the Viaduct and you can go for a sail on previous challengers.

By the way, if you're looking for wedding photo's - look at my fotolog, here.

Hauraki Gulf

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This weekend we're off to Auckland, staying at Joy's brother, Skip's place. Here is what we'll look out on... Perhaps we should take Te Moana!

Yeoman's Bay

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A regular ritual of our weekends on Te Moana are the trips ashore for Jake's, ahem... convenience.

Unfortunately, many of the bays around our home cruising ground north of Sydney don't have convenient landing spots. Rocky outcrops covered with oysters predominate.

This weekend we stayed at Yeoman's Bay. which has a large sandbank / beach which falls dry at low tide.

No sailing for us next weekend, as we're going to Auckland for a weekend wedding. Next week we'll be sailing to Newcastle and Lake Macquarie for Easter with the RPAYC cruising folks.


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