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Glad I'm back

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Straight off the plane - back to the boat.
With a light westerly wind, the sea has this beautiful glassy quality. That's Maitland Bay in the distance.



From today I will only post sailing related content here. You can find more photos of my US trip on my Fotonet site. Meanwhile, I'm getting my fix of US sailing news and pictures at Lectronic Attitude, a San Francisco Sailing magazine.

Live Free

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Well... I'm not in SanFrancisco anymore. We're clearly in New Hampshire. While the countryside would qualify for number plates to carry slogans like "The Garden State", they've gone for a somewhat more powerful statement of how they see themselves. I must ask who came up with it and why?

The weather is not like Australia either. Still some snow on the ground, although the temperature is not too bad, between 0 and 10 deg C. Nothing a winter coat doesn't fix. The office here is great and after only the second time, I already feel very much at home.

Unfortunately, taking pictures of sailing boats will be difficult until the end of next week. While the Atlantic Ocean is about an hour's drive away, the weather does not lend itself to sailing this time of the year. Pictures of snow is as probaly close as you'll get to that until I return to Australia on March 30!


Surfin' USA

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I enjoyed the weekend in San Francisco. It's like an old friend. After coming here regularly for over 15 years, I have a soft spot for it and it holds many good memories.

There are many things I like about San Francisco, it feels much smaller than it is and is very different from any other US city I've been to. The California climate, the Bay and the bridges remind me of Sydney. I fell in love with it after spending a day touring it in 1976 when I was homesick after spending 3 months away from home.

I also like its its proximity to "Silicon Valley", of course. That appeals to my geeky nature and I've spent many enjoyable hours shopping for gadgets at Frys and spending more than I intended on clothes at Big and Tall.

I don't often do play tourist while I'm here, there is not much incentive to do so without being able to share it with a companion. But on Sunday afternoon I thought I'd take some pictures of the Golden Gate bridge.

I walked part way across the bridge, in the hope of taking some shots of sailing boats, but instead was intrigued by the "surf" at the south side of the bridge.

I don't know of any other spot where you can take surfing shots from a bridge! Mind you, I never thought that I'd ever be taking surfing shots full stop!

Now, I'm about to leave San Francisco (Tuesday morning US time) to fly to Boston. From there I'll drive to Nashua NH. I don't know what picture opportunities will await me there, but they are unlikely to be surfers!


Off into the warzone...

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I'm flying to San Francisco today and going onto Nashua, NH later in the week. I'm returning on 30 March. Along the way, I'll be probably be having sailing withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, there is always the Bay in San Francisco. You never know...

Hallets Beach

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Kuringai-chase is one of Sydney' jewels. We' ve been exploring parts of Cowan creek (above) and this weekend moored Te Moana on a public mooring off Hallets Beach. There are some great spots to overnight around the chase. We're exploring all of them...


Birthday present

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Now here's birthday present I'd like! A watch which also shows boatspeed, position, barometric pressure and temperature. The only thing I'd worry about is it battery life. They say the battery is chargeble, but you'd hate to run out at a critical moment...

I had dinner with a friend tonight. He asked after our "constant companion" and I realised that I had not yet featured Jake on these pages, so here he is:


Back at Hardys Bay

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We stay overnight at Hardys Bay on Saturday night. It was a beautifully clear, sunny weekend. Crisp to remind us that the end of summer is in sight.


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