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Jervis Bay

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Last weekend we returned from a cruise to Jervis Bay, led by John Quinn in Polaris of Belmont. If only I knew how to trim our sails as well as they were set on Polaris. Here she is at Point Perpendicular, the entrance to Jervis Bay.

BarbeQue Invite

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Firmware Barbeque -- Sunday 28th September 2003 -- Parramatta Park

Peter, Les,Greg, Mick

Russell, Glenda

Peter, Leigh, Joy, Irene, Brian

It was a nice day and a lot of nice people turned up! Thanks everyone for your comments and responses. Good luck and keep in touch!


As you may have heard, we're closing down FirmwareDesign after more than 18 years of operation. It's been an excellent innings of which we're proud and has been a great experience for many of us. We thought it would be fitting to have an opportunity to catch up with old friends and invite anyone who has worked for the company since its founding in 1985 (and partners/offspring of course!) to join us for a Barbeque at Parramatta Park. It would be really great to see you there!

Parramatta Park
Entrance through Queens Road Gatehouse.
Area 2 (which is booked in our name) is towards the railway line (near Domain Creek)
It has 2 Separate tables with shelters and BBQ between.
between 12.00-3.00 pm

It's going to be low key, no speeches, BYO everything. The main thing is to create an opportunity to catch up - whether you were with us in the 80's, 90's or 00's.

And if you have a Firmware shirt, wear it! We will have a few of the remaining "latest logo" shirts as "door" prizes.

Let us know if you're interested in turning up. Or simply leave a comment on the web page below (whether you can make it or not!!) Oh yes, and we've lost touch with some ex-staff, so please feel free to forward this URL to anyone you know from your time at Firmware...

Great to see all the comments! If you can't find us on Sunday, give me a call on (0411) 248 617

Please leave a comment below, whether you can come or not!!


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